Governing Body

Public meetings commence from April 2013 once the organisation is established as a Statutory Body. Governing Body Meetings.

Audit Committee

This committee provides assurance to the Governing Body and CCG Member Practices on the design, implementation and effectiveness of internal controls and to provide scrutiny over the discharge of the CCG’s statutory functions, including the delivery of financial duties.

The key duties of the committee include:

  • Establish and maintain and effective system of integrated governance, risk management and internal control.
  • Ensure an effective internal audit function
  • Review the work and findings of the external auditors and consider the
  • implications and management’s responses to their work.
  • Implement counter fraud arrangements
  • Financial reporting

Remuneration Committee

The purpose of the committee is to make recommendations to the governing body on determinations about pay and remuneration for employees of the Clinical Commissioning Groups and people who provide services to the Clinical Commissioning Group and allowances under any pension scheme it might establish as an alternative to the NHS pension scheme.

Quality and Patient Experience Committee

The purpose of the committee is to regularly review reports on the quality of services commissioned, patients’ experiences, specific quality improvement initiatives and any serious failure in quality.

Patient and Public Council

The purpose of the Patient and Public Council is to provide the Quality and Patint Experience Committee with an assurance and scrutiny function in relation to its duties to communicate and engage patients and the public.  The Committee will provide strategic leadership to ensure patient and public engagement informs the planning and commissioning of services to meet the needs of the local population.