Neighbourhood teams

A new way of working across health and social care organisations is being launched across Long Sutton and Stamford. South Lincolnshire CCG, Lincolnshire Community Health Services, Lincolnshire Partnership Foundation Trust and Lincolnshire County Council are working together to integrate health and social care services to improve and streamline care for our residents.

Integrated care aims to ‘join-up’ health and social care to meet the needs of our South Lincolnshire population and transform the way that care is provided for people with long-term conditions, by enabling those with complex needs to lead healthier, fulfilling and independent lives. The introduction of Neighbourhood Teams will enable us to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

Three Neighbourhood Teams will be developed to support everyone registered with a GP practice across South West Lincolnshire CCG. The Teams will be work in Long Sutton and Stamford. They will bring together health and social care professionals including GPs, community nurses, social workers, community psychiatric nurses and therapists.

Each of the Neighbourhood Teams is being designed to meet the needs of the people living in each area. There are core elements that are a feature of all the Neighbourhood Teams, including that each patient accessing the Neighbourhood Team will have an identified Care Co-ordinator, this may be their GP or other health or social professional that they trust.

The Care Co-ordinator will:

  • Ensure that the patient understands what the Neighbourhood Team is and how relevant information may be shared between health and social care organisations
  • Has the authority to co-ordinate the delivery of the patient’s care plan
  • Links to additional organisations that may be able to support the Neighbourhood Team, including the Third Sector and local government services

Lincolnshire Health and Care

Neighbourhood Teams are being developed across Lincolnshire as part of the Lincolnshire Health and Care programme.

Lincolnshire Health and Care started in 2013 as the ‘Lincolnshire Sustainable Services Review’, when health and social care organisations in Lincolnshire acknowledged that current services did not adequately meet the needs of residents, due to growing demands and financial pressures

Doing nothing about the issue is not an option, therefore the health and social care organisations across Lincolnshire agreed to work together to design a new model for health and care which would enable people to access the right services at the right time, now and in the future.

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