Closed Consultations

Here you can find a list of the health services the CCG has consulted on in the past. These consultations are now closed.

Name: Parkinson's service review

Name: Consultation on Equality Delivery System 2 (EDS2)

Name: Lincolnshire Community Pain Service

Name: Living With and Beyond Cancer

Name: Survey on Dementia Care, Support and Awareness


Name: Parkinson's service review

We wanted your views and opinions on what makes a good service when looking at reviewing our Parkinson’s services.


Name: Lincolnshire Community Pain Service

Date: Closed 20 September 2017

We wanted your views on our developing community pain management service, by completing our patient survey.  

Additional Information:  Please review the current and proposed pathway which can be viewed here Patient pathway document


Name: Living With and Beyond Cancer

Date: Closed February 24 2017Macmillan NHS Logos

The number of people living with a cancer diagnosis in the UK is set to double from more 

than two million in 2010 to four million by 2030. A pioneering new programme is being planned in Lincolnshire to transform how people live with and beyond cancer – and it needs your help. The project is in the early planning stages and the team behind the programme are keen for the views and 

experiences of people living with cancer, their loved ones, carers and health professionals to be at the heart of it.   

People across Lincolnshire were asked to make their voices heard by taking part in a simple online survey.

Name: Survey on Dementia Care, Support and Awareness 

Date: Closed 31/01/2017

The Government’s aim is for England to be the best place in the world for people with dementia, their families and carers to live and the best place to undertake research into dementia.

We wanted to hear first-hand from people with dementia, their families and carers if we are making a difference to your day to day lives.

Thank you

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