Join your PPG

What is a Patient Participation Group (PPG)?

A PPG is a group of patients registered with a GP surgery who have no medical training but have an interest in the services provided.

What is the aim of a PPG?

The aim of the PPG is to represent patients' views and cross barriers, embracing diversity and to work in partnership with the surgery to improve common understanding. PPGs are making a real difference across the UK.

What is the purpose of a PPG?

  • To give practice staff and patients the opportunity to discuss topics of mutual interest in their practice.

  • To raise certain issues and opinions from the point of view of the service user. 

  • To offer an open and confidential space for all patient’s to voice their concerns.

  • To offer an open and confidential space for all patient’s to listen to what other patients have to say about health services which are important to them.

  • To encourage health education activities within the practice.

  • To develop self-help projects or strategic projects to meet the needs of fellow patients, such as befriending, help with transport and bereavement support.

  • To help patients understand the current challenges faced in general practice.

  • To act as a representative group that can be called upon to influence the local provision of health and social care.

Positive patient experience has been associated with: better outcomes and recovery rates. And better patient safety and clinical effectiveness. Services are better designed around the needs of patients, service users and carers when they are involved in the commissioning process.