Our Governing Body

Shade Agboola, Governing Body Consultant in Public Health (non voting)

Shade joined the Public Health Directorate of Lincolnshire County Council in July 2013 as a Public Health Specialty Registrar and subsequently as a Public Health Consultant providing specialist public health advice and support to the CCG since August 2016.

Shade is a Fellow of the Faculty of Public health and has held a role as Assistant Professor of  Public Health at the University of Nottingham’s Faculty of Medicine, Department of Public health in the last five years. The role involved teaching and module convenorship on medical postgraduate and undergraduate modules and courses and required extensive research into tobacco control and smoking relapse prevention. She has published several journal articles on smoking and tobacco control. She is currently Health protection lead at Lincolnshire County Council, with responsibility for Sexual Health, Infection Prevention and Control, Screening and Immunization and Emergency Planning.