Get involved with your local Patient Participation Group

PPG Awareness Week is 19 to 24 June, and aims to promote the role and benefit of PPGs (Patient Participation Groups) to patients, the public and health professionals.

Supported by NAPP (National Association for Patient Participation), PPG Awareness Week will create more understanding of the value of patient participation and the work of PPGs across the country.

“A PPG is a group of patients who have an interest in the services provided by their local GP Practice“ explains Preston Keeling, Lay Member for Patient and Public Involvement, South Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

Preston added, “I know from personal experience just how valuable the work of the PPG’s  can be, my wife was for some few years the Chair of a PPG in Holbeach and is currently the Chair of the  active PPG  attached to the Gosberton Practice. So I have seen at first-hand how effective such groups can be in giving practice staff and patients the opportunity to discuss a wide range of topics of mutual interest and to work constructively together.

At a time when many changes are taking place within the NHS and the way in which it  (including the GP practices)  delivers its services  the PPG’s  are a vital means both of informing patients about those changes and, most importantly, of  gaining their views and concerns about them. It is crucial that the patient voice can be heard.

PPG’s are established across the UK and a large proportion of South Lincolnshire Practices already have either a PPG or a virtual ( computer driven) PPG, over the  next twelve months I hope the remaining practices will also have developed one.

In addition to commenting on existing services many PPG’s play an important role in helping to develop projects that meet the needs of fellow patients, there is also a significant role in helping  patients to understand  the many challenges faced by general practice and the staff working within the service.”