NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme in South Lincolnshire

Patients across Lincolnshire are set to benefit as the first wave of an eagerly-anticipated Healthier You: NHS diabetes prevention programme rolls out across the county.

Clinical commissioning groups and local authorities across Greater Lincolnshire have teamed up with ICS Health & Wellbeing to offer people at risk of Type 2 diabetes a place on a new health scheme.

The ‘Healthier You’ service will help at risk patients - who will be referred to the initiative by their GPs if they have raised blood sugar - make healthier lifestyle choices and reduce their risk of developing the disease.

Dr Kevin Hill, Chair at South Lincolnshire CCG, said:
“Type 2 diabetes is a lifelong condition and by taking part in this important public health programme in South Lincolnshire and across Lincolnshire we are aiming to reduce the number of patients who develop the condition. We are really looking forward to working with ICS Health and Wellbeing to offer a tailored behavioural change programme to benefit the local population.

“The condition is often associated with obesity and tends to be diagnosed in people aged over 40. It is important we get people making changes to their lifestyle and some small steps in life can make a huge difference and they do not have to cost anything.

“It is important people look after themselves, going out for a walk each day is a good start, it gets the body moving and used to physical activity.

“I am really looking forward to seeing the results of this new scheme and to ensuring we work together to help reduce the number of people who develop this condition.”

Lincolnshire is one of the first 27 areas, covering half of the country’s population, to benefit from the initiative.

More than 9,292 people live with the condition in South Lincolnshire.

Those referred will get tailored, personalised help to reduce their risk of Type 2 diabetes including education on healthy eating and lifestyle, help to lose weight and bespoke physical exercise programmes, all of which together have been proven to reduce the risk of developing the disease.

There are currently 2.6 million people with Type 2 diabetes in England with around 200,000 new diagnoses every year. While Type 1 diabetes cannot be prevented and is not linked to lifestyle, Type 2 diabetes is largely preventable through lifestyle changes.

The service provider has begun accepting referrals from with initial assessments taking place in due course. Sessions will take place in a number of locations across the county with Spalding being the first in the South Lincolnshire area.

Claire Curtis, head of service development at ICS, said: “We are delighted to have been chosen to provide lifestyle interventions for the people of Lincolnshire with the aim of helping at risk people make healthier choices about how they exercise and what they eat.”

The initiative is being led by NHS England, Public Health England and Diabetes UK.

Doctor Tony Hill, director of public health in Lincolnshire, said: “Type 2 diabetes is one of the biggest health challenges of our time and millions of people in England are at risk of developing this serious disease.
“I look forward to seeing this initiative take shape in the coming months.”