Mental Health and Wellbeing Training for Practice Nurses

A number of GP practices in the South Lincolnshire CCG area have recently undertaken mental health and wellbeing training for practice nurses. 

The eight nurses from Hereward, Moulton Medical Centre, Munro Medical Centre, Sheepmarket and St Marys have undertaken a five module face to face training course with further e-learning modules and are the first in Lincolnshire to undertake the programme of training.   The training has also given the nurses the skills to train other nurses and pass their skills on.

Group June 2017

The training was conducted by the Charlie Waller Memorial Trust (CWMT) which is a registered charity which raises awareness of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts and it also fights stigma so that people stay mentally well and get the help they need.   The training embraces the holistic approach to treating the whole patients – both physically and mentally.  Patients who may present with raise blood pressure could be suffering from anxiety which will result in raised blood pressure and therefore they can be treated for both their physical and mental health symptoms together

One way they do this is by providing training to health care professionals in identifying and supporting those with depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.  CWMT recognises the valuable role played by practice nurses in looking after the mental health and wellbeing of the patients in their care. 

The nurses who attended the training said that it :

Has made me aware of the importance of spending more time listening to patients and allowing them time to offload any issues they might have
Will enable them to cascade the learning to staff members within workplace
Will help them to train other team members on managing MH with chronic disease management
Encourages others to recognise contributory factors that affect health and wellbeing problems
Can be used to in bite size sessions with new and junior nursing staff (HCAs and RGNs)
Allow them to learn from each module to help myself and people I train to understand what they are doing and the impact on each individual patient

Said Liz Ball, Executive Nurse and Director of Quality said:

“The number of practice nurses who attended the training is fantastic and shows  their commitment to providing mental health and wellbeing services to their patients.  Their comments have galvanised the need for us to ensure that mental health training is at the heart of things we do in general practice.  As a CCG we are committed to providing the highest quality patient care possible for everyone.  I am sure that the learning will be shared widely across practices and I would like to congratulate all of our nurses who completed the training.