Experience of Care Week 23-27 April

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NHS staff, patients and their families and carers are to celebrate the work to improve their experiences of care across health and social care services in South Lincolnshire CCG area during Experience of Care week 2018.

The celebration week, from 23 to 27 April, will put experience of care in the spotlight and give people the opportunity to share and celebrate work going on locally to better improve their experiences of health and care services.

The week will include a series of online activities and events to help promote experiences of care.

Many of our patients tell South Lincolnshire CCG that they value the opportunity to provide feedback to the services we commission.

Any information that is obtained is used to enhance services and the care provided by the CCG. 

By taking part in Experience of Care Week we would like to highlight the work done to make patients’ experiences as positive as possible.

Kath Evans, NHS England Experience of Care Lead, said:

“The focus of the week is about celebrating local work as well as sharing it nationally and internationally too. The week started some really interesting conversations last year, reaching more than 67 million people through more than 10,000 tweets and other social media activity. Social media is key to bringing the week alive and we encourage staff, patients and families and carers to join in using the hashtag #ExpofCare.”

Here's some examples...

Patient story - road to recovery after a leg ulcer

During Experience of Care Week we're asking patients to share their experiences of care. Here's a story of one women's road to recovery after a leg ulcer.

"In late July 2017, I developed a leg ulcer on my left leg. Following 6 weeks' treatment at Moulton Medical Centre, I had to be referred to the district nurses at Long Sutton Medical Centre. My treatment there continued until the New Year, when I was sent to the Johnson Community Hospital.

There, I was cared for by Emily Scott Walker. Emily and her colleague Beverley Morris have developed a better form of treatment which involves the use of compression stockings and had gained excellent results. It also includes specialist leg ulcer clinics.

They are now training other nurses in other parts of South Lincolnshire.There was a report on their work on the LCHS newsletter 10th February 2018.

At Spalding, Emily works with another colleague, Anna. They are both extremely kind and understanding and are working very hard to find a long-term solution for my problem. My ulcer is healing well and, I hope, will be completely healed soon.

I cannot thank them enough for the help and care they have given me. The ulcer did not really begin to heal until I began treatment at Spalding.

I hope these comments emphasise to you the need to continue and develop their work.

Thank you"

Community Pain Management Service

Using the Right Care approach, the four Lincolnshire CCGs identified opportunities to improve the Musculoskeletal, and in particular, pain services across Lincolnshire.

Previous engagement feedback and the Healthwatch Lincolnshire Pain reports informed the development of a draft proposed Community Pain Management Service and pathway of care.

Engagement was undertaken to gather service user and public views using a number of methods including an event held with service users and an online survey was also promoted to service users via the pain clinics, Facebook, Twitter and NHS organisation websites to gather views and sense check the proposed service.

Following this feedback, some changes were made to the proposed pathway inline with patient views.

Comment about the existing service - “I cannot tell you how much they have helped me. I was able to continue working for the past 6 years. It is only now that I have given up to due to not being able to do the type of work that I am in. They are brilliant, caring, and on the other end of the phone if I need them”

Comments about the engagement event - “All patients going through this pathway should have the level of detail provided at the event to help them understand the holistic approach as it’s really helpful”.

Equality Delivery System 2

This year for the first time we have taken a different approach to our EDS2 and undertaken engagement with our patients, public, staff and stakeholders.

Our engagement asked for their views on how they felt the CCG had worked towards a number of EDS2 statements – this was considered alongside CCG evidence at an EDS2 Assessors Group to collectively review and score our progress against these statements and also identify Equality Objectives for the coming year.

The Assessors Group was made up of CCG officers, including staff from the Quality, Engagement and Equalities team, Patient Representatives and our PPI Lay Member.

This is an improvement to previous self assessments undertaken in the past and has ensured the patient views have been considered alongside the CCG feedback and enabled patient representatives to inform the EDS2 work moving forward.

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Updated 19/04/2018