Smear Tests Save Lives

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“Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35. Sadly Over 3,200 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer and 890 women lose their lives every year. Cervical cancer is not thought to be hereditary. In 99.7% of cases, cervical cancers are caused by persistent infections with a virus called high-risk Human papilloma virus. The good news is Cervical screening can prevent up to 75 per cent of cervical cancers from developing . Of course, the faster something is detected, the better the outlook can be.

CCG backs Men’s Health Week


South Lincolnshire CCG has added its support to Men’s Health Week, which this year takes place between 11 – 17 June and will focus on men and diabetes.

The fact is men are more likely to get diabetes and more likely to suffer complications as a result of diabetes.  In addition, they are also more likely to face amputation as a result of diabetes.  And men are more likely to die from diabetes.

Public invited to Governing Body

Patients and the public are invited to the next Governing Body Meeting in public of NHS South West Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), which will take place on Wednesday, 23 May 2018, from 11am in the Witham Room, South Kesteven District Council, St Peters Hill, Grantham NG31 6PZ.

Dementia Action Week 2018

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In the UK one person develops dementia every three minutes, yet too many people feel excluded and face the disease alone.

With this in mind, in 2018 Dementia Awareness Week will be renamed Dementia Action Week and will run between 21–27 May. Locally, the Dementia Action Alliance and South Lincolnshire CCG will be asking people to unite and take actions big and small to make a difference in the lives of people with dementia.

National Nurses Day

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Saturday 12 May 2018 is National Nurses Day, a celebration of nursing in the UK – and internationally - and recognition of the crucial role nurses play.

Held on the anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth, National Nurses Day is an opportunity to recognise and thank all nursing staff for the crucial care and expertise they provide in an increasingly modern and dynamic profession.

Sun Awareness Week

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Eight out of ten people are failing to adequately apply sunscreen before going out in the sun, according to a survey carried out by the British Association of Dermatologists to mark Sun Awareness Week which runs from 14 to 20 May 2018.

National Walking Month

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May is National Walking Month, and whether you decide to walk the kids to school, walk to work or simply take the dog on a longer walk than usual, it all counts towards a healthy heart and a healthier lifestyle by increasing energy, reducing stress and improving sleeping patterns.

Act FAST during Stroke Awareness Month

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South Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group is supporting Stroke Awareness Month by encouraging residents to adopt a healthy lifestyle such as eating a healthy diet, taking regular exercise, drinking alcohol in moderation and not smoking as these can significantly reduce the risk of having a stroke.