Our Mission, Vision and Values


Working in partnership with others we will make the most effective use of the resources we have available to achieve the best health outcomes for the people of South Lincolnshire.


For the people of South Lincolnshire to live longer and healthier lives.


We will uphold the principles, values and rights set out in the NHS Constitution. In addition, the values underpinning the work of the CCG are:

Respect fairness and equality Respect, Fairness and Equality: We will treat everyone equally, recognising and valuing diversity and ensuring everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. We will treat patients, the public, our staff and others with respect and dignity.

Ambition Ambition: We will seek to achieve the highest standards in commissioning and secure the best health outcomes that we can for the people of South Lincolnshire.

Leadership Leadership: We will act as leaders within the NHS and with others who contribute to improving the health of the people of South Lincolnshire.

Quality Quality: We will ensure that quality is central to everything that the CCG does.

Honesty and Transparency Honesty and Transparency: We will be open, honest and transparent about the decisions we make, explaining and sharing our decisions with the people of South Lincolnshire.

Listening and Learning Listening and Learning: We will listen to patients, local people, health professionals and others who support the CCG. We will learn from others within and beyond the NHS to inform our decisions and strategic plans.

Efficiency Efficiency: We will spend public money wisely, ensuring efficiency and value for money.