Enabling and supporting those who want to get involved

During 2018/19 the CCG has worked hard to ensure that people of all backgrounds are supported to get involved. Some of the ways we have supported those who want to get involved are shown below:

  • Support to Patient Partricipation Groups, we have worked closely with our PPGs and the National Association of Patient Participation to help improve effectiveness and encourage collaborative working between PPGs, the CCG and other community groups. We offer bespoke support and guidance to PPGs via our Engagement Manager recognising that different PPGs have differing aspirations and challenges.

  • Feedback into the Patient and Public Council, we support patient participation group and community group representatives to feed their views and patient experience into the CCG via the Patient and Public Council. For ease, we have developed a simple feedback form for representatives to submit their information, especially if they are unable to attend in person or from diverse local groups with barriers preventing them from attending meetings. The CCG are committed to providing a response to the issues and feedback received from the representatives so they can be reported back to their wider, collective groups.

  • Virtual Involvement Network, during 2018-19, we have started strengthening our stakeholder database with contacts of local stakeholder groups, including community, groups from the voluntary sector, and organisations representing people with protected characteristics to further develop our Virtual Involvement Network. The CCG will continue to ensure that the database is maintained and utilised to ensure that all relevant key stakeholders and groups can be involved in developing CCG projects and influencing our decisions.

  • Lincolnshire Wide PPI Event, in conjunction with the East Midlands Health Academic Science Network, and NHS partner organisations, we hosted a Lincolnshire Patient, Carer and Public Networking Event during 2018. The event was for patients, carers and the public and aimed to inform and inspire patient and public activation to get involved across Lincolnshire health services. The event was for people who were already actively involved or thinking about getting involved and making a difference to their local health and care services. Delegates were able to select up to three of the following workshops run by healthcare staff and patients how to get involved with Patient and Participation Groups; NHS Hospitals and Healthcare Trusts; Research; Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and Empowering Patient Participation.

  • East Midlands Patient Leadership Programme, we were very proud to nominate three PPG representatives to attend the 3 day Patient Leadership Programme developed jointly by the East Midlands Leadership Academy and East Midlands Health Academic Science Network in 2018. All 3 delegates completed the programme which aimed to develop the skills, confidence and ability of patients’ leaders across the local health system.