Stop the pressure!

It is estimated it costs the NHS between £1.4 and £2.1 billion each year to treat pressure ulcers, which is almost four percent of total NHS expenditure. But what are pressure ulcers? 

World Sepsis Day

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South Lincolnshire CCG is supporting World Sepsis Day, which takes place on Friday 13 September 2019, to raise awareness of the condition and the signs to look out for.

Blood Cancer Awareness Month


South Lincolnshire CCG is raising awareness of Myeloma during Blood Cancer Awareness Month, September 2019, where the emphasis is about raising awareness of the symptoms of blood cancers which are vague, non-specific and often confused for other illnesses.

Organ Donation Week

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NHS South Lincolnshire CCG has pledged to help save lives by supporting Organ Donation Week, which takes place from Monday 2 to Sunday 8 September 2019.

Bites and stings

Insect bites and stings are most common during the warmer summer months - they usually only cause minor irritation and clear up in a day.  In the UK you might be bitten by midges, mosquitoes, fleas, bedbugs, spiders, mites or ticks or stung by bees, wasps and hornets.