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Following its recent success in the in the national General Practice Awards 2018, Abbeyview Surgery, Crowland, has been recognised in the prestigious Parliamentary Review.

One of the foremost political publications in the UK, the Parliamentary Review combines political commentary from leading journalists, with specific insight from Secretaries of State, MPs and Ministers, and is described as a guide to industry best practice that demonstrates how sector leaders have responded to challenges in the political and economic environment.

In the feature for the Parliamentary Review, Dr Fleur England, GP Partner, Abbeyview Surgery, explains how the whole practice team has worked together, and in conjunction with the practice’s patient participation group, to successfully create over 30 additional clinical hours a week.

“We are the first GP practice to have the opportunity to be featured in the Parliamentary Review, so it’s a huge honour for us,” explains Dr England.  “In the article we talk about how our patient-focused approach has enabled us to embrace chance, improve efficiency and achieve more with our current resources.”

The practice, which has a list size of approx. 7,400, has been able to demonstrate a number of innovations including replacing a part-time GP with a full-time nurse practitioner – creating an additional 50 appointments every week without compromising care quality.

“Amongst other things we have also introduced a GP-led telephone call-back service that has created an additional 75 appointments per week while offering choice and convenience, launched a weekly GP-led minor illness walk-in clinic that allows the team to cope with fluctuations in demand, and we have reviewed nursing workflow and improved our use of computer templates, concepts and protocols, which has helped us to streamline data and reduce the time taken to accurately record consultations,” adds Dr England.

Abbeyview’s innovative and coordinated approach, supported by its dedicated and skilled practice team, has allowed it to implement a sustainable way to improve to improve patient access, streamline services and maximise quality time for its patients, as Dr Abhijit Banerjee, GP Partner, comments:

“The work we have undertaken has been done with a focus firmly on our patients, and creating additional time and appointments has enabled us to not only meet demand but also to enhance our offering, with the introduction of a number of new services.  For example, we have introduced a nurse practitioner-led weekly ward round at local care homes, which has resulted in a reduction in GP emergency visits and hospital admissions.

“The introduction in the practice of a surgery pod has enabled patients to maximise self-service, as the pod can be used for routine reviews like blood pressure and weight checks.  Another example of utilising time better is that diabetic and respiratory patients benefit from having their annual review with the nurse, which allows us to use GP appointments for those patients whose health is rapidly deteriorating.”

A big part in the practice’s success and the recognition is has subsequently received is its patient participation group (PPG).

“Our PPG have supported us with annual patient education and support events that provide patients and carers with knowledge and empower them to self-manage.  In addition, the PPG also supports our work with patient communications and interactive with local media, as well as running our patient surveys.  Along with our practice team, the PPG has been a key factor in our success,” concludes Dr Banerjee.

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Updated 07/05/2019