LEARN to help people Join Dementia Research


We want to tell you about Join Dementia Research, and more specifically the LEARN Join Dementia Research awareness tool, so that you can share this with your colleagues, friends and families.

Join Dementia Research was launched in 2015 by the National Institute for Health Research, and enables people with and without dementia to be registered and matched to UK studies, and supports researchers looking for people for their studies.

The LEARN Join Dementia Research awareness tool has been launched to raise awareness of how Join Dementia Research can help people with and without dementia, and the role healthcare professionals can play.  This short online tool is aimed at anyone in health and social care who plays a role in caring for and supporting people with dementia, their carers and families.

All you need to do is:

  1. Watch a short film
  2. Answer a few questions about what you’ve just seen
  3. Find out ways you could help
  4. Tell us a little about yourself
  5. Receive your certificate

The simple aim is to ensure that everyone working in healthcare knows about what Join Dementia Research does and can easily help people become involved.

Find out more about the LEARN Join Dementia Research awareness tool here:

To find out more about Join Dementia Research click the link below, and please share this email with anyone who you think might be interested: