CCG set to formally mark South Lincolnshire practice’s new name

An event will be held on Monday 2 December 2019, at The Spalding GP Surgery to formally mark the practice’s new name and supporting signage.

Representatives from South Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), and the practice will be present to commemorate the new name – The Spalding GP Surgery – which was publicly announced late in September and came into effect from 1 October.

Formally known as the Johnson GP Centre, the new name for the practice was as a result of a period of engagement run by the CCG over the summer, during which it asked local people to suggest a new name for the practice.  A shortlist of seven names was then drawn up and local people were then asked to vote for their favourite.

The winning name – The Spalding GP Surgery – was originally put forward by Tim Barzycki, Spalding, and received more than 25 percent of the public’s vote.

“The renaming of the practice has provided us with a great opportunity to involve local people, and will also allow us to distinguish it from The Johnson Community Hospital where it is based.  Having already publicly announced the new name, we thought it was appropriate to gather together with colleagues from LCHS and the practice to formally acknowledge The Spalding GP Surgery,” explains Hilary Daniels, Chair, South Lincolnshire CCG’s Primary Care Commissioning Committee.

Alongside the renaming, the CCG has also recently awarded a new Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) contract to Lincolnshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (LCHS), meaning LCHS will continue to run the practice going forwards.

“We are working hard alongside the CCG to ensure that The Spalding GP Surgery thrives in the future,” comments Maz Fosh, Chief Executive, LCHS.  “We have received some very positive feedback from our patients about the practice and the services it provides over the last few months and we confidently expect this to continue.”

LCHS has also been responsible for organising new signage reflecting the practice’s new name, that patients will spot on their next visit and which will help to ensure no confusion with the rest of the services on the site.

“We think the practice has an exciting future and looking ahead, in line with the views of local people, the CCG’s aspiration is still to base the practice on the west side of Spalding as and when a suitable site becomes available, and the APMS contract awarded to LCHS has the flexibility to accommodate this,” adds Hilary.

Published 02/12/2019