Take up the Dry January Challenge

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January is a time when many of us want to give our body a break and start looking after our health again. This year over 3 million people in the UK will be taking part in Dry January this year, meaning they won't drink a drop of alcohol throughout January. And most of them will make it through the month.

Cutting the amount of alcohol you consume is a good start and a whole month off alcohol is really good for your health. It boosts your energy levels and improves your sleep, but it also gives you a sense of achievement and can save you money too.

By taking part you can see a range of benefits including:

  • Having the time to try out new things
  • Become more productive!
  • Improve your sleep
  • Feel more energetic
  • Save money
  • Lose weight

NHS South Lincolnshire CCG is encouraging people living and working in the area to take a break from alcohol by signing up for Dry January.

Dr Kevin Hill, GP and Chair of South Lincolnshire CCG said:

“Last January over three million people participated in Dry January and tens of thousands of people signed up online. Dry January is not about never drinking again, it just gives you the opportunity to give your body a break from alcohol, so why not get involved in 2019 and start experiencing the benefits.”

Dry January is a campaign by Alcohol Concern, supported by Public Health England, to encourage people to take a break from drinking for a month.

To sign up for Dry January and register for tips and tools to make the most of the month, visit

More information about drinking less is also available on

Alcohol is the leading cause of preventable ill health and death in 15 to 49 year olds and is a factor in more than 60 medical conditions, including liver disease, a number of cancers and depression.

Published 02/01/2020