Lincolnshire Local Transformation Plan for children and young people's mental health and wellbeing

Lincolnshire Transformation Plan

Key agencies in Lincolnshire joined together to plan, develop and design a single approach to transform mental health and wellbeing services for Lincolnshire Children and Young People. This Transformation Plan is consistent with the strategic outlook described in the multi-agency led Lincolnshire Crisis Care Concordat.

Lincolnshire embraced the opportunity to review its existing services and develop its support for young people in line with best practice and national guidance, such as Future In Mind and Local Transformation Planning guidance.

This plan sets out multiple priorities for service provision and ambitious aspirations for future provision that requires radical service transformation and ongoing joint working across agencies including Schools and Health and also Service Users.

The culmination of this strategy includes an executive action plan that will identify the work that needs to be undertaken to sustain continuous delivery, respond to changing local needs and empower the voice of Lincolnshire's young people. Following the implementation and initial period of transformed CAMHS service delivery and in accordance with Future in Mind guidance, the Lincolnshire plan has been refreshed in order to reflect distance travelled so far and future priorities for service development and delivery.

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